Colonizing Institution Records

The United Church of Canada Archives holds records that document the colonizing practices of the church and its antecedent denominations, including the running of day and residential institutions, which has had lasting affects on Indigenous communities.

View of dock leading to a village with houses in the foreground. There are trees in the background and mountains in the backdrop beyond the trees.

Accession: UCCA, 1993.049P/185


The United Church of Canada Archives is involved in multiple initiatives aimed at developing relationships with Indigenous communities and repatriating records that document the colonization and oppression of the communities.

Below are links to information about the work that the Archives had undertaken in the past as well as work that is currently being undertaken to increase and facilitate access to records..

Furthermore, The United Church of Canada launched the Bringing the Children Home initiative in response to unmarked burial sites.

Houses surrounded by trees with water in the background

Reconciliation Framework

Information about reconciliation framework and initiatives, goals and strategies the Archives is undertaking to address decolonization.

Small boat on the water with trees in the background. The boat is towing a smaller canoe like boat behind it..

Digitization Project

Information about the ongoing digitization project aimed at increasing access to records documenting the church’s colonizing practices.

View of a village in the distance with water in the forefront and trees in the background.

Day School, Hospital and Mission Records

The United Church of Canada Archives’ response to the Broadview Magazine article, “Day school survivors need access to United Church archives”.

Sketch of Coqualeetza Industrial School building viewed from the front.

Residential School Records

Information about access to records relating to residential schools that are held by The United Church of Canada Archives in Toronto.