Minutes Inspection Checklist

Below is set of procedures to help Communities of Faith prepare, maintain and review records. A checklist can also be downloaded as a PDF for user convenience.

Minutes Inspection Checklist (PDF, 356 KB)


  • Complete and accurate minutes; excludes extraneous or irrelevant matter
  • Typed, printed, or if necessary handwritten (in permanent ink)
  • Bound book/one signed original
  • Pages numbered at outside top edge of each page (suggested format: current year and sequential page number 2011-1, 2011-2, etc.)
  • Every page signed/initialed by secretary
  • Minutes of each meeting signed by presiding officer and secretary
  • Time and place of each meeting stated in words
  • Date, place, and name of group meeting at the top of each page
  • Minutes state by what authority meeting is held
  • Minutes state that a quorum was present
  • Minutes state that meetings opened/closed with a prayer/benediction
  • Name of presiding officer and names of those present are recorded
  • Items of business indicated by paragraph headings/margin notes for subject headings
  • All numbers written in words, followed by numerals; e.g., twenty-five (25)
  • Committee reports are included in minutes/appendix using consecutive numbering
  • States clearly proceedings and motions, in full, with names of corresponding movers and seconders
  • States clearly within the minutes the disposal of all motions, resolutions, reports, petitions
  • All erasures and changes have been initialed in margin by secretary
  • No changes after the records are confirmed except by court or higher court
  • Fills vacant space on the page between record of meetings using diagonal ruled lines
  • Avoids use of initials
  • Index appended
  • Record of archived material

Based on A.5 of The Manual, 2019